The slogan of the jewelry brand LUSÍN – “with love for the planet and culture” reflects the values of the brand and sets a certain direction for development. And if earlier the natural theme was played up, then the VANUÍ collection is completely devoted to culture.

The VANUÍ collection is inspired by the culture and history of Armenia, its ancient ornaments, patterns and alphabet. The jewelry is named after the Armenian names that are associated with the products.

VANUÍ is the name of the designer of the LUSÍN brand – Elina´s relative. Vanui was able to survive the Armenian genocide in 1915, save her family and rebuild her life in a new place.
Vano-mama, as her relatives affectionately called her, had a beautiful gold necklace made of many coins, which she carried with her through all these years. Many years later, she tore it up and distributed the coins to her children so that they would never forget and always appreciate the history of their family and their people.
Almost all the coins were lost, but one has survived to this day. This coin was inherited by the creator and designer of LUSÍN Jewerly – Elina, and became the inspiration for the new collection of the brand.

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